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Build Trust, Boost Your Authority, and Build a Brand that Makes You Stand Out!

  • 3-step framework
  • Getting what you’re worth
  • Getting more leads and referrals

Want to build a strong brand identity, but aren't sure where to start?

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Build Trust, Boost Your Authority, and Build a Brand that Makes You Stand Out!

Most businesses want to build a strong brand but aren’t sure where to start. At StudioJones Design we use a 3-step framework to create a brand strategy, design your unique logo, simplify your messaging, and build an effective website that gets more leads and grows your business.

By the end of The Brand Building Blueprint program, you’ll go from an unprofessional or inconsistent brand to a polished look that you can be proud of and that matches the high-quality products and services that you already offer.

If you’re an entrepreneur, coach, or service-based professional, imagine…

  • Getting what you’re worth
  • Being recognized as a credible leader
  • Getting more leads and referrals
  • Attracting your ideal customers/clients

We have the plan you’ve been searching for

I feel your pain. It breaks my heart when I see entrepreneurs with AWESOME products, but their marketing is confusing, and their graphics are low quality. A lot of our clients have suffered from:

Lack of direction

Inconsistent marketing

Low quality, or no digital presence

Unprofessional looking brand

Missed opportunities by not looking the part of their ideal customers

Feeling lost in the crowd of entrepreneurs and coaches

Poor branding is problematic in many ways

However, it’s possible to build a strong brand that helps you make a lasting impression and gain loyal customers.

And, all you have to do to get the ball rolling towards more leads, increased sales, and better marketing is to book a Discovery call.

What is The Brand Building Blueprint all about?

Branding is NOT just about pretty pictures — it’s how people FEEL about you and your business. Sounds complicated?

We’ve developed a 3-step framework that will give you a solid foundation for building a powerful brand identity that differentiates you from your competitors

Good news — branding doesn’t have to be complicated when broken down into these 3 Steps:





1. Discover

Do you know how important the discovery phase is in brand building?

As a young whipper snapper designer, I didn’t know either, but after over 20 years of corporate experience and learning from the best in the business, I kicked myself for not using these techniques earlier to help my clients.

After we work through this discovery process together, you’ll see why it’s so important. It will literally transform the way that you think about your business. It did for me.

“Brand discovery ensures the long-term success of your brand.”

It gives you a plan to move forward confidently when establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

The Discovery workshop allows us to REALLY get to know you and your business.

In the Discovery workshop, we’ll determine…

  • How your brand will look, feel, and sound
  • Who your target market is and how to appeal to them
  • Your short, medium, and long-term business goals that will give you actionable items right out of the gate
By tying these together, we’re able to set the foundation for the work to come.
And this is just the first step to creating a memorable brand. If you’re currently lacking direction, you’ll have a defined strategy by the end of the Discovery phase.


2. Design

Congratulations! Now that the foundation is in place, it’s time to bring your vision to life!

In the Design phase, we’ll design your logo, determine typefaces, colors, and imagery that align with your core message. Your Style Guide will ensure that your marketing materials stay consistent, whether we’re creating them or not.

What’s the cost of bad design?

Bad design not rooted in strategy can miss your target audience completely causing you to miss out on revenue generating opportunities. Your brand is an expression of who you are — your vision, your mission, your values, and your integrity.

  • We’ll design a unique logo
  • Help you choose your fonts, colors, and photo style
  • Create a Style Guide to maintain consistency across all mediums

For over 20 years I’ve helped corporate companies develop and maintain their brand, but my passion is helping entrepreneurs, coaches, service-based professionals, authors, and consultants develop their brand allowing them to build businesses that have impact in their communities.



3. Deliver

Now that you have a strategy, spankin’ brand new logo, and style guide, it’s critical to amplify your core message to the world if you’re going to have a profitable and purposeful brand.

In the Delivery phase, we’ll…

  • Create copy that engages your audience
  • Build a user-friendly website that generates leads
    Launch your brand

Become an industry leader by positioning yourself as someone your customers can trust

I can hear the voice inside your head.

Should I invest in my brand?

I get it. It’s a commitment. But you only get one chance to make a first impression — why not invest in that first impression — one that makes you stand out and represent you and your products and services?

If you want to have more influence, serve your clients better, showcase your expertise, promote your skills, and increase your opportunities… the time is now.

Developing an awesome brand doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a consistent, focused approach built on authenticity, but The Brand Building Blueprint is the foundation to ensuring your long-term success.

What’s the next step? Let’s get on a call and see if we’re a good fit.

Jason has the natural ability to come up with creative concepts that entice people to pay attention and take action. His work not only has won awards, but also has helped to increase circulation, single-copy sales and visits to the website.

Jen Kugler, Writer Disney Institute

I've worked with StudioJones for a few years now. They are always a pleasure to deal with. Their graphic design capabilities are awesome. I would recommend them for any graphic design work to help brand your company, and take it to the next level.

Knight Fan Stan, Owner of Jet Set Printing

I once needed photography assistance to include some signs I designed for the city of Eatonville. They were a tremendous asset providing advice and delivering the photos in a expeditious manner. I strongly recommend StudioJones for Creative Direction, Print, Layout Design, Photography and any host of additional design talents.

Courtney Hayes, HFI-trained UX designer

Jason Jones has a keen sense of knowing just what the right ingredients are for success. His creativity, forward vision, knack for great design and extremely affable nature make Jason a pleasure to work with.

Dana Fasano, Graphic Designer

The team at StudioJones understands the collaborative process to come up with an award-winning concept for a layout. They produce layouts that capture the imagination of the reader. Editors and writers search for designers like this!

Katherine Ferrara, Corporate Communications

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